About_Page_DionAfter many years of working my way up the retail management ladder I suddenly realised I’m not getting any younger and my kids are getting that little bit older and that I was missing so many of the things that parents working a 9-5 (or in my case many more hrs) job miss…

I’ve always been a DJ,  starting back in my teens helping my Dad on his mobile disco before breaking into Club DJ’ing, but times move on… over the past few years I’ve been DJ’ing Kids Birthday parties, weddings and birthdays as-and-when my day job allowed, often gutted that I had to say no to people who wanted to book me for their party. Work suddenly took over, long hours, driving and commuting and in the end the day-to-day getting up… work… home… tea… sleep pattern became a chore!

Too many people kept telling me that I was pretty good at what I did and why didn’t I do it full time.. so after a lot of soul searching I’ve decided life’s too short and why not! So here I am Disco Dion!

I am part of the Mobile DJ Network, with Public Liability Insurance as well as being fully DBS checked and having PAT tested equipment.

I have a great set up of music from across the decades, sound and light system.

Contact me today to discuss your event needs.

Dad and I worked the Rockin Cricket DiscoScreen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.52.06 pm